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Nobody saw him, still he was there.
Nose-biting, prank-playing, everywhere;
All through the houses, out in the street,
Capering wildly through storm and sleet.
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M!A: Jack is a toddler for as long as I damn well please because he's really cute.
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Wi-Fi really isn't bad here!

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Noah's Promise



I’m making this post on behalf of a friend. Noah is someone that she has known his entire life. She babysat him when he was a baby, and he’s currently in critical condition after falling from a 5th story balcony.

He suffered a broken neck, back, femur, pelvis, both arms, along with a punctured lung and internal bleeding, and was in a coma for 12 hours.  He was initially given a 25% survival rate by the doctors, but has survived and is awake and now off a respirator. There’s no signs of nerve damage to his spine, but he’s facing sepsis because of the damage to his lungs.

The family is currently in Nanning, China. The healthcare system requires them to pay upfront for any medical procedures. The estimated cost for Noah to fully recover is $10,000 USD per week.

If you can’t donate, please consider reblogging this post to signal boost.

Noah is now out of the ICU. The family is at 25% of their goal, and that’s wonderful. Thank you to everyone that is signal boosting and donating.



          “My name’s Kevin! Who’re you?”

  I’m Jack.

         You, uh…—have a little something…
         —he pointed at the stranger’s neck.

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       Uh…—who’re you?

             Hey, Tooth!

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Never lose the light

okay this picture actually took my breath away

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